Steelwork Forming Roof and Brickwork Resplendent on Georges Road

Today was a spectacular day for the Crawford Partnership team as we oversaw the final stages of craning in the hefty arched steel roof structure that will sit atop a new 4-story office building. The completion of this project will also see the addition of five stylish, contemporary brick houses, which will create a much-needed new infill terrace adjacent to Holloway Road in the heart of Islington, North London.

The project began in 2016, and since then, our team has had to navigate through a frustrating array of bureaucratic obstacles and red tape, which have impeded progress throughout the design, planning, and construction stages. However, despite the numerous challenges faced, we are proud to have persevered and overcome every hurdle to bring this project to fruition. We anticipate that the scheme will be completed later this year, a testament to our team’s resilience and dedication to the project.

The day was blessed with bright sunshine after days of rain, making it a perfect day for the craning process. The 60-metre high jib of the crane was manned by a skilled operator, who carefully threaded the arched steel beams through the surrounding tree branches and gently manoeuvred the structure into place. The process was both fascinating and dramatic, and it was an incredible feeling to witness the final piece of the puzzle fall into place.

Unfortunately, this small infill development project has taken much longer than it should have due to protracted timeframes, resulting in delays and increased costs. It’s becoming increasingly clear that these lengthy procedures are contributing to the ongoing housing crisis and rising homelessness in our communities. However, in patiently overcoming the many issues on this project, we continue to expand our knowledge base, and apply the experience gained to short circuit and expedite these frustrating processes and delays on our future projects.

We are excited to share a video of the construction process with you, which showcases the skill and precision required to bring this project to fruition. Our team is proud to have been a part of this significant development in the heart of Islington, and we look forward to seeing it come to life later this year.

See the Georges Road project page here and check back for more updates!