Crouch End House gets a 21st Century Makeover

Despite delays in obtaining planning consents that are being widely reported across the UK, especially following two years of lockdowns, we are proud that our ongoing efforts to expedite planning approvals on all our projects, combined with our extensive knowledge of local planning policy, and our long standing relationships with planning officers in Haringey, has combined to help obtain a positive planning approval on this project and enable the works to progress to detailed design and commencement on site.

The existing detached dwelling, built shortly after the turn of the 20th century was purchased by a young family looking to make roots in the area. And given the condition, with tired and outdated finishes internally and a poor energy performance, a significant amount of modernisation and investment has been needed to create a suitably comfortable, sustainable and functional house. Every effort is being made to protect and retain existing features, or to safely remove and reinstate them, to preserve the history of the building.

Before After
Alongside these internal works is a significant effort to extend to the rear, creating additional living and bedroom space as well as strengthening the visual and accessible link connecting the house to the spacious private rear garden by introducing panoramic views to the garden. This process includes the introduction of a new glass winter garden to the rear that incorporates a double-height space. And new and larger double glazed window openings to bring in natural light.

In addition, the loft space is being transformed from an unused storage area into a viable principle bedroom suite with much-needed storage space. This requires raising the ridge, but has been designed so that the change is masked when viewed from the street at the front.

Having commenced works in March, the new foundations and forms are starting to take shape. We continue to work closely with the Contractor and our Clients to ensure every detail is carefully considered and provides the improved dwelling that can meet the needs of the family now and in the future.

Watch this space for updates!