Designing a sustainable future: Crawford Partnership to bring a 21st Century Home to North London.

Crawford Partnership is thrilled to reveal it has been appointed to design a state-of-the-art, contemporary dwelling located in Stoke Newington, North Hackney. This urban garden plot, in the Lordship Park Conservation Area, offers the opportunity to design a home that merges modern living with references to the local buildings and the area’s rich heritage.

The new dwelling takes inspiration from the Victorian houses that surround it, using traditional London stock brick with an added twist of perforated brickwork to provide privacy and daylight to the interior. Paired with cork cladding, which supplies an additional layer of sustainable insulation to the building envelope, the two facing materials blend harmoniously together creating a unique yet sympathetic addition to the Lordship Park Conservation Area.

Sustainability is at the forefront of the Crawford Partnership’s design philosophy, with the aim to achieve passive-house standards of energy performance. It is our intention that the home will feature cutting-edge green energy systems, including an air source heat pump, solar photovoltaic panels with battery storage, and smart home technology to control and monitor the installations, resulting in reduced energy costs for the future occupants and a responsible approach to the climate crisis.

We have a wealth of experience, having successfully obtained planning permission for similar projects over the past 25 years. The preliminary design proposals have already been submitted to the London Borough of Hackney Planning Department, with the hope of receiving a positive response and obtaining full planning permission by mid 2023.

Crawford Partnership is eager to bring this vision of a future-proofed home to life for modern 21st century family living.