Alan describes an urban future which blends comfort with ascetisim

Alan was invited to be one of the keynote speakers in Prague this week as architects and designers gathered from across Europe for the intensive one-day Living Forum and Interior of the Year Awards 2021 (‘interiér roku’ in Czech).

Speaking on the topic entitled: “A Dialogue of Comfort with Ascetism,” on behalf of ABB, who are a main sponsor of the annual event, he laid out his thoughts on the future of urban environments as they resolve the needs of their occupants for comfort, alongside a push for ascetism, reflecting the current climate and economic conditions of the world. Finding a way to be more ascetic without losing the ability for cities to draw people and meet their needs and wants, is a challenging topic to discuss.

Outlining his vision, as well as linking it back to some of Crawford Partnership’s current and completed projected, this was an international exchange of ideas as well as celebrating some of the best design in the Czech Republic and beyond. The photos above show Alan and Maria with the designer of the beautiful award statues Václav Mlynář alongside ABB’s Anna Mančalová.

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