Crawford Partnership has been appointed for the design of a new build house on a compact, steeply sloping infill plot in North London, set within the Muswell Hill Conservation Area.

The design of the proposed 100m2 detached dwelling with its low-profile massing and new landscaping provides a discreet addition almost entirely hidden in the street scene and borrows from elements of the traditional details of period houses nearby, interpreting these in a contemporary style that preserves and enhances the character of the Conservation Area.

Incorporating modern methods of construction, with 450mm thick highly insulated walls, triple glazed floor to ceiling windows, and with energy efficient technologies to minimise the carbon footprint of the dwelling that include solar PV panels, a green roof with grey water collection, and a mechanical ventilation with heat recovery system, the house construction and installations aim to meet 21st century zero carbon goals and sustainability, with the overall design aspiring to achieve passive house standards, which is a key driver for our clients.