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Redington Gardens, NW3

  Hampstead, London     Complete    2 Houses (525sq.m.)      House Renovation & Residential Development

The project was to completely renovate and extend two 1970s houses within the Hampstead Conservation Area, working closely with Camden Planning Department. After a year of detailed negotiations, permission was secured to significantly update the site, removing some garages and severing an unwanted link between the two properties.

Following the approval, the level of changes required to the original floor layouts meant that the decision was taken to remove much of the internal wall and floor structures within both houses, leaving only the external brick walls, some of which have been modified to incorporate new and larger door and window openings to bring in natural light. The existing roof structure has also been extensively re-built, raising the level to incorporate a generous attic master bedroom suite.

The result of this careful and delicate process, working closely with the contractor and other members of the design team, is that the floor area of each house has been increased by 30%. This has significantly increased the value of each of the properties, as well as modernising them and improving the appearance, functionality and layout of the spaces.

The exterior alterations have also refreshed the look of the houses to ensure that they enhance the streetscene and surrounding area, with a subtle mixture of traditional and contemporary features. Each house benefits from access to a private rear terrace area, linked to the internal spaces through large areas of glazed sliding doors. This provides great views as well as natural light into the houses, within the beautiful setting of Redington Gardens.

The houses incorporate open-plan living spaces, contemporary interior design and smart-house technology, providing the occupants with living standards suitable for the 21st century. Works to the front house have been entirely completed, with this property now on the market, whilst works on the rear house were finished in Spring 2019.