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Lugard Road, SE15

  Southwark, London       Completed       33 x 20sq.m.         Genuinely Affordable Housing for Homeless Young People

Following a series of meetings with a national homelessness charity, we were appointed to help with a programme designed to assist young people, who have a history or who are at risk of homelessness, to live independently.

Using off-site modular construction techniques, we have designed self-contained 20sqm micro-living flats for these young people. The philosophy of the scheme is predicated on providing a new type of medium-term transitional housing at a cost of up to one third of a person's earnings.

The landmark scheme for this project is located in Southwark, transforming a site already owned by the charity, into 33 of these modular homes for young people with low or no support needs. Architecturally, two three-storey blocks have been designed, creating a safe space in between for landscaping and external amenity, as well as providing external deck access to the modules.

Front door, to external deck access
Compact bathroom
Bedroom with side table
Table & drawers
Partition to living, kitchen and dining space
Self-contained kitchenette
Wardrobe & storage
Breakfast bar & TV stand with drawers
Two-seater sofa
Juliet balcony

Each module, given the limits on space to provide a critical mass of young people on site as a self-sustaining community, and the financial burdens of the charity throughout and as we emerge from the pandemic, has to provide self-contained living and privacy for each occupant.

As such, careful consideration of the internal spaces has been critical. Each flat has a compact toilet, and then an open-plan space with the potential to carve off the separate bedroom space from a kitchen, living and dining space. The living space benefits from a practical layout with all of the furniture required for living, eating, and having a few friends over. With a Juliet balcony facing either east or west, bringing light into the modules.

Clad in a regular panelised pattern (with all relevant fire measures incorporated from the outset), which disguises the modular nature of the structures behind, the scheme secured unanimous approval at a Southwark Planning Sub-Committee meeting, and following a tender process is shortly to be commencing on site.

Drone Video Footage Credit: Joe Ramsey, Flying Robots