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BIO Agency, EC2A

  Hackney, London       Complete       200 sq.m.       Office Refurbishment

The BIO Agency’s quirky new office was designed to encourage and nurture “big ideas” in an open-concept space which inherently encourages collaboration and interaction. Combining an eclectic design, the eccentric proposal has successful created an inspiring place to work.

The environment harnesses the employee's energy by creating a welcoming and relaxed environment with a professional feel. The clutter-free space, with background music helping to with the ambience. The open-plan layout enables people to move freely and see what others are working on, with managers floating around. There are wall boards for discussions and debate alongside more formal meeting spaces, with each space uniquely designed for purpose.


Many of the materials were sourced from reclamation yards, with consistent use of wood throughout emphasising a natural and organic feel. There are also planters and crates placed with greenery in to oxygenate the space and provide a more harmonious environment. The feature reception desk greets visitors, with LED lighting incorporated into the monolithic planks.