Maria enjoys Valencia whilst visiting Cevisama to see the latest trends in ceramic design

Cevisama 2023 in Valencia is one of the most important trade fairs and exhibitions in the ceramic and bathroom industry. The fair showcases a wide range of products and services from top manufacturers, distributors, and designers from around the world. Three Pritzker award-winning architects, David Chipperfield, Anne Lacaton, and Francis Kéré were speaking at the event. The participation of these three renowned architects at Cevisama 23 was a significant highlight of the event.

In conclusion, Cevisama 2023 in Valencia is a must-visit event for anyone in the ceramic and bathroom industries. Visitors can expect to be immersed in the latest trends, designs, and technologies in the industry. Here are ten key takeaways from the show:

  1. Discover the latest trends in ceramic tiles, bathroom equipment, and natural stones
  2. Learn about sustainable and eco-friendly solutions in bathroom design
  3. Explore the origin, characteristics, and properties of raw materials used in the industry
  4. See the latest machinery and equipment used in ceramic and bathroom industries
  5. Discover the latest software, hardware, and 3D printing technologies used in design and production
  6. Learn from industry experts in workshops and seminars
  7. Connect with industry professionals, potential business partners, and suppliers
  8. Explore the work of talented designers and architects
  9. Participate in awards and competitions that recognize excellence in the industry
  10. Experience the vibrant atmosphere and culture of Valencia.

For more information on Cevisama click here. And to see a photographic tour of the event click here (by Marcos Soria).