Crawford Partnership has been appointed for the design of a new build house in West London.

Bringing new life to old spaces, and creating a new build, two-level home on dilapidated garages in West London! 🏠

Crawford Partnership is at it again, transforming a block of 6 run-down lockup garages into a stunning new build detached house in West London. 🌃 Our design for the contemporary home is currently being developed by Alejandro Masson. The modern design responds to the recent updates of the London Plan and reflects the local context with contemporary additions, while still maintaining a nod to the surrounding Victorian architecture. 

💡 Sustainability and energy conservation are key focuses of the scheme. As a result, the new house is designed to achieve passive-house levels of performance to create a dwelling that has greatly reduced energy costs for future occupants whilst taking a responsible position in the climate emergency. For example, the home will feature state-of-the-art energy-efficient technology, including an air-source heat pump, solar PV panels, and a mechanical ventilation heat recovery system, with the goal of achieving a zero-carbon footprint. 💪

Accordingly, the process of obtaining planning permission for new build houses on infill sites in Conservation areas can be challenging, but our team has over 25 years of experience in developing unique and sustainable designs. Our ‘upside down’ signature solution creates bright and sunny basement courtyards while still respecting the local scale and architecture. 💡 The design for the new home is a progression of an earlier proposal and we are in continuing our discussions with Ealing Planning Department to receive planning approval for the new house and to bring this vision to life for our client.

Join us on our journey to create contemporary homes for 21st-century living!

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