Crawford Partnership have recently been working on a unique house design for the Isle of Wight

Working closely with our client, our aspiration is to establish a benchmark in contemporary design and the provision of an environmentally sustainable, energy efficient home, which would be unique on the island. We appreciate the enormous responsibility of building within an area of outstanding natural beauty, and our proposals respond to the unique charm of the area proposing a semi-subterranean structure that sits discreetly within the green landscape whilst capitalising on the magnificent views over the English Channel.

The site offers gorgeous cliff-top views of Freshwater Bay and is situated within an area of outstanding natural beauty. Our ambition is to develop a proposal for a contemporary 4-bedroom home that responds to and enhances the distinctive and unique charm of the area.

We have initially been exploring different ideas within the design process, including; a sculptural shell-like design inspired by Fibonacci sequences and the appearance of the golden ratio within nature, and a fully submerged circular form illuminated by lightwells, clerestory windows and skylights.

Each proposal has been configured to minimise disruption to existing vistas in and around the site. The interior configuration has also been carefully choreographed to provide opportunities to maximise daylight, sunlight and views out with comfortable spaces that are enhanced by the building’s volume and massing.

A green roof covers much of the subterranean form camouflaging the structure within the surrounding landscape and will encourage the flora inhabiting the site to flourish whilst also acting as an effective insulator.

Through utilising emerging technologies like the Eco Harvester and experimenting with innovative construction methods such as 3D printed concrete; we can begin to build a truly unique home of the highest quality, that continually performs to a high standard throughout its lifetime.