Crawford Partnership is working with SBID to provide opportunities for new young designers

Get Me 2 The Top is a design competition for students which offers them the opportunity to win a 3-month internship with a leading design company. The competition is limited to students enrolled on Interior Architect, Interior Design or Product Design courses at degree level, and Crawford Partnership is one of the companies involved in the competition this year.

The deadline for entries is close, and there’s more information for possible entrants at the SBID Get Me 2 The Top (UK) website.

The competition has been running for a number of years in the UK, but this year is expanding worldwide to provide an incredible experience for talented young designers. The judging panel includes the founder of SBID, Dr Vanessa Brady OBE, hospitality designer Hans Galutera and healthcare interior designer Diana Cellela. They will be looking for “originality of expression, individualism, creative use of materials and presentation”. The winners will be presented with a certificate along with their internship prize in June.

For Crawford Partnership this is a great opportunity to work with exciting new designers, providing experience on a variety of interesting live projects as well as looking at competitions. We pride ourselves on helping to train, educate and support all of our staff, so we look forward to the prospect of welcoming someone new to the practice!